Oklahoma River Attractions & Redevelopment

Pictured above is a seven-mile portion of the North Canadian River flowing through the middle of Oklahoma City that was, in 2004, renamed
the Oklahoma River

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History of the Oklahoma River
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Districts of the River:

Downtown Oklahoma City Sectors

Hotel District at Meridian Ave (along Oklahoma River Cruises' Meridian Landing)

(Within the Riverfront Overlay District)

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Event & Development Issues 

The Oklahoma City Riverfront Redevelopment Authority is a Trust of the City of Oklahoma City charged with administering the City's riverfront assets along the Oklahoma River. The Mayor has appointed a surrogate trustee, as well as three City Council members to serve with five other Trustees, confirmed by the City Council. The Riverfront Authority makes recommendations to various City agencies and the Council with regards to event permits and other activities. The Riverfront Authority receives incomes from several sources, including oil & gas leases and sand mining contracts.

Questions concerning the Riverfront Authority's Operation should be directed to General Manager, OCRRA, 200 N. Walker, Oklahoma City, OK (405) 631-8820. Agendas for the Authority's meetings are published on Oklahoma City's website at http://www.okc.gov/AgendaPub/meet.aspx.

The Oklahoma City Zoning Code provides for a "Scenic River Overlay Design District" to provide additional zoning and development controls, and is administered by the "Riverfront Design Committee" (RDC), whose members are nominated by the Chairman and Trustees of the Riverfront Redevelopment Authority, appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the City Council. The Riverfront Design Committee (RDC) has the opportunity to review all matters regarding property or sites situated within the overlay district and provides a non-binding recommendation prior to final action by the Planning Commission, the Traffic Commission, the Board of Adjustment, or the City Council.

Portions of the Oklahoma River are included in one of Oklahoma City's Business Improvement Districts (BID). An independent non-profit organization, Downtown OKC has been contracted by Oklahoma City to implement various BID initiatives.

North of the Oklahoma River's Regatta District is Capitol-Medical Center District, consisting of approximately 950 acres and 20 miles of roadway. The District is supervised by the Capitol-Medical Center Improvement and Zoning Commission, an eleven-member body created by the State to develop and maintain a comprehensive land use plan for the orderly development of the district within and surrounding the State Capitol Complex and the Oklahoma University Medical Center. Commission promulgates zoning regulations to support the dictates of the land use plan, and contracts with the City of Oklahoma City for implementation of various initiatives.

The Oklahoma River travels through the original section of Oklahoma City and includes several industrial properties, as well as several historic oil fields. A significant number of properties adjacent to the Oklahoma River may be environmentally challenged. As a property owner, under the Federal Superfund Act, you are responsible for removing any pollution from your property whether or not you were the cause of the pollution. The exception is that if when you purchased the property there was not an expectation pollution on the property, as evidenced by an environmental study preformed before the property was purchased; an All Appropriate Inquiry or Phase I Environmental Assessments.

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